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Menopause: a qualitative study of Jordanian women's perceptions.Mahadeen AI; Callister LC.International Nursing Review
An Indication of Health Awareness Among Jordanian Population: Symptom Awareness and the Confirmed Medical DiagnosisShurkri R; Khalaf I; Abbas ADirasat, Medical and Biological Sciences
Attitudes of Jordanian mental health nurses toward mental illness and patients with mental illness.Hamdan-Mansour AM.; Wardam LA.Issues in Mental Health Nursing
Attitudes of professional Jordanian nurses toward continuing education.Hayajneh FJournal of Continuing Education in Nursing.
Cardiac rehabilitation programme for coronary heart disease patients: an integrative literature review.Eshah NF; Bond AE.International Journal Nursing Practice
Collaborative international research.Callister LC.; Getmanenko NI; Khalaf I; Garvrish N; Semenic S; Vehvilainen-Julkunen K; Turkina NVJournal of Continuing Education in Nursing.
Communication with critically ill patients.Alasad JA.; Ahmad MM.Journal of Advanced Nursing
Content analysis of 186 descriptive case studies of hospitalized children.Barnes CM; Bandak AG.; Beardslee CI.Maternal-Child Nursing Journal
Context of care for Jordanian womenMiller JEJournal of Transcultural Nursing
Critical thinking, self-esteem, and state anxiety of nursing studentsSuliman WA; Halabi JNurse Eduction Today
Cross-cultural comparison of the concerns of beginning baccalaureate nursing studentsCallister LC.; Khalaf I; Keller D.Nurse Educator
Cultural meanings of childbirth: Muslim women living in Jordan.Khalaf I; Callister LC.Journal of Holistic Nursing
Exploring the Use of Modern Contraceptive Methods among Jordanian Women: A Qualitative Study. Khalaf IDirasat, Medical and Biological Sciences
Development of a modified instrument to measure anticipatory grieving in Jordanian parents of children diagnosed with cancer: the Marwit and Meuser Caregiver Inventory Childhood Cancer.Livesley J.; Long TCancer Nursing
Evaluation of the process of introducing a quality development program in a nursing department at a teaching hospital: the role of a change agent.International Journal of Nursing Studies
Factors contributing to adolescent obesityAl-Kloub MI; Froelicher ES.Saudi Medical Journal
Health perceptions and health behaviours of poor urban Jordanian womenMajali, S.Journal of Advanced Nursing
Intimate partner violence and interference with women's efforts to avoid pregnancy in Jordan.Clark CJ; Silverman J; Khalaf I; Ra'ad BA; Al Sha'ar ZA; Al Ata AA; Batieha AStudies in Family Planning
Iron deficiency anemia (IDA) perceptions and dietary iron intake among young women and pregnant women in Jordan.Jarrah SS; Bond AE.; Abegglen JJournal of Transcultural Nursing
Job satisfaction and burnout among Palestinian nursesAbushaikha L.; Saca-Hazboun HEastern Mediterranean Health Journal
Jordanian baccalaureate nursing students' perception of their learning styles.Abu-Moghli FA; Khalaf I; Halabi J; Wardam LA.International Nursing Review
Jordanian health care providers' perceptions of post-partum health careKhalaf I; Abu-Moghli FA; Callister LC.; Mahadeen AI; Kaawa K; Zumout AFInternational Nursing Review
Jordanian women's experiences with the use of traditional family planningKhalaf I; Abu-Moghli FA; Callister LC.; Rasheed R.Health Care for Women International
Jordanian women's postpartum beliefs: an exploratory studyJarrah SS; Bond AE.International Journal Nursing Practice
Changing the image of nursing in Jordan through effective role negotiationAbuGharbieh P; Suliman WAInternational Nursing Review
Labour pain experience and intensity: a Jordanian perspective.Abushaikha L.; Oweis, Arwa IInternational Journal Nursing Practice
Managing technology in the intensive care unit: the nurses' experienceAlasad JA.International Journal of Nursing Studies
Methods of coping with labor pain used by Jordanian womenAbushaikha L.Journal of Transcultural Nursing
Midwifery students' enrolment reasons and evaluations of the first Bachelor of Midwifery programme in Jordan.Abushaikha L.Midwifery
Nursing research in Jordan: a vision for excellencyScandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences
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