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Adolescent Depression in Jordan: Symptoms Profile, Gender Differences, and the Role of Social Context
Evidence-based guidelines for prevention of ventilator-associated pneumonia: Evaluation of intensive care unit nurses' adherence
Examination of the potential association of stress with morbidity and mortality outcomes in patient with heart failure
Exploring sources of knowledge utilized in practice among Jordanian registered nurses
Jordanian health care providers' perceptions of post-partum health care
Jordanian parental needs of critically ill infants in neonatal intensive care units
Knowledge and Coping Strategies Among Patients Diagnosed With Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Occupational-related back pain among Jordanian nurses: A descriptive study
Psychosocial Correlates of Jordanian Adolescents' Help-Seeking Intentions for Depression: Findings From a Nationally Representative School Survey
Slowing the progression of chronic kidney disease: comparison between predialysis and dialysis in Jordanian patients
Stress, cognitive appraisal, coping, and event free survival in patients with heart failure
The association of co-morbid symptoms of depression and anxiety with all-cause mortality and cardiac rehospitalization in patients with heart failure
The prevalence of depressive symptoms among Arab adolescents: Findings from Jordan
The Relationship Between Workplace Bullying and Positive Mental Health Among Registered Nurses
“Class smoke-free” pledge impacts on nicotine dependence in male adolescents: A cluster randomized controlled trial
“It’s our Culture” and the Transition to Parenthood in Jordan: A Descriptive Qualitative Study
“Save My Baby”: The Lived Experience of Hospitalized Pregnant Women With a Threat of Preterm Birth
A community service approach to solving campus water consumption issues: A case study from Jordan.
A comparison of health practices of Canadian and Jordanian nursing students.
A comparison of labour and birth outcomes in Jordan with WHO guidelines: a descriptive study using a new birth record
A comparison of psychosocial factors and tobacco use among Arab and Arab-American adolescents: preliminary findings
A comparison of the performance of the Braden Q and the Glamorgan paediatric pressure ulcer risk assessment scales in general and intensive care paediatric and neonatal units
A double-blind randomised controlled trial of 25% oral glucose for pain relief in 2-month old infants undergoing immunisation
A five-year etiology and antimicrobial susceptibility patterns of urinary pathogens in children at Princess Rahmah Hospital, Jordan
A model for international nursing collaboration.
A Pilot Study of Depression, Stigma, and Attitudes towards Seeking Professional Psychological Help among Arab Adolescents
A review of midwifery education curriculum documents in Jordan
A review of the literature regarding stress among nursing students during their clinical education
A study of nurses' job satisfaction: the relationship to organizational commitment, perceived organizational support, transactional leadership, transformational leadership, and level of education
A study of nurses' job satisfaction: the relationship to organizational commitment, perceived organizational support, transactional leadership, transformational leadership, and level of education
A Survey of Osteoporosis Risk Factors and Practices Among Jordanian Women
A Survey on Sexual Counseling for Patients With Cardiac Disease Among Nurses in Jordan
A transcultural study of Jordanian nursing students' care encounters within the context of clinical education.
A unit-based protocol to enhance Jordanian nurses' autonomous decision making
Ability of School Teachers to Manage Asthmatic Attacks Among School Going Children in Jordan
Academic challenges and positive aspects: perceptions of male nursing students
Academic Stress and Self-Efficacy as Predictors of Academic Satisfaction among Nursing Students
Acute stress disorder, coping self‐efficacy and subsequent psychological distress among nurses amid COVID‐19
Adolescent Depression in the Arab Region: ASystematic Literature Review
Adolescent Waterpipe Use is Associated with Greater Body Weight: The Irbid-TRY
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